Online Library Science Degrees – What It Takes

The knowledge to maintain information resources is a skill that requires a degree. Students seeking careers as librarians will find that online education is available. Accredited online colleges and universities provide information on what it takes to obtain online library science degrees that teach students the skills for their desired career.

The education to become a library is very specific and students have to meet the training requirements in order to successfully enter a career. Library science is concerned with correctly managing information by specifically organizing and disseminating resources. Training in online library science degree programs is focused and prepares students for professional work.

In order to step into a career as a librarian a master degree has to be obtained. Education approaches the skill set needed from a technological and information management standpoint. With the new ways of acquiring information available students are taught to understand databases and information structure. The field is broken down into numerous concentrations. For example, students that want to work in a government library would find an online school that offers a specialization in that area. The broad scope of possibilities teaches students how information is collected and disbursed in each field. A medical library catalogs and stores their information differently than a public library. Students can expect to take the same basic courses online, which may include:

  • Archival Practices
  • Information Access
  • Information Technology
  • Library Services

Education is centered on preparing students to enter the workplace and understand how to manage their chosen information facility. Through coursework students learn the Dewey Decimal system and know how to electronically locate resources. Masters degree programs on average take two to three years depending on the college offering the program.

Students that haven’t completed undergraduate training have a couple options available. They can train for a lower-level position or prepare themselves for graduate training at the master’s degree level. A two-year associate’s degree teaches how to step into support positions such as a library assistant or library technician. Education focuses on giving students the skills to prepare and organize materials. The day-to-day work of an assistant is learned, which includes inputting data, overseeing the circulation desk, and cataloging material. Further study at the bachelor’s degree level is also available.

Students that complete a library bachelor’s degree program study administration while taking courses that focus on their particular area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest such as military or medical. Literature studies, media selections, management tools, and database functions are all general subjects that students study in an online program.

The field of library science takes a master’s degree for students that have the career goal of being a librarian. Numerous educational avenues can be pursued that allow students to start the process of becoming a librarian. Students should enter the level of education right for them and learn the skills needed in library science. Accredited training is approved by agencies like the American Library Association ( to offer quality educational experiences.

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