Important Reason Why You Must Study Computer Science

Currently, almost all human activities in the modern world are in contact with computer technology. From the use of smartphones to high-tech factory equipment. With the rapid development of technology, it is not impossible that in the future there will be more human activities that come into contact with or depend on computers.

It’s not weird if this field is expected to understand many lines of life in the future. So, the existence of these cutting-edge technologies would not have occurre without the presence of people who study computer science. So what makes computer science predict to have a very bright future? Let’s check the facts directly on this basis.

1. Become a human of the future with computer information and modeling

Computer science is in fact not only in touch with things that are happening at the moment. With information processing and modeling skills, this field can predict many things in the future. Of course, all predictions made are base on scientific calculations! Not just crystal ball predictions. What’s the implementation like? One example that you can check directly is a model related to the calculation of the Covid 19 problem.

Through certain calculations and the latest data, academics and students from the Department of Computer Science make predictions related to fluctuations in the COVID 19 problem. Starting from the percentage of progress of the problem to the number of people who will recover. Modeling and calculations like this are a small part of information science. That you will learn if you study computer science later. So, what can you do next?

2. Can be applied in any field from studying computer

Try to imagine, at this time what field does not require a touch of technology? Starting from the fields of informatics, aviation, manufacturing to agriculture, they need the latest technology for their development. In the field of aviation, computerized technology is definitely needed, starting from aircraft assembly, flight testing, aircraft operation to matters related to passengers such as ticket sales, and others.

Another field that is currently also dependent on technology is the health sector. Why? The operation of the latest equipment use by doctors in hospitals is one example of the position of computer science. Another example is the use of various digital platforms for sufferers to talk to doctors and carry out online consultations.

Then if the agricultural sector? The position of computer science in this field can start from something as simple as building an application to help farmers predict planting time. Want something more up-to-date? Currently in some countries have link robots and intelligence to increase crop yields you know!

3. Have a great opportunity to continue to innovate

As a field that continue to move and grow, computer scientists or computer engineers have a great opportunity to generate innovation. So it’s not just managing and operating. So, to be able to produce reliable innovations, of course you need tutorials from experts. Not only that, you also have to create a learning institution that can help you develop to realize the concept you want to make.

With the expertise to produce the most important innovations in the field of computer science. You are not only a connoisseur of technology but are already one step ahead of many people. If so, it’s not wrong if the field of computer science is consider as a field that wants to understand the future. You, it turns out there are so many things that can be raise by applying computer science in various fields. So that you can become a reliable computer scientist or computer engineer. You don’t just have to depend on technical skills, you know! Knowledge and mentality must also be forged properly.